Chain plate conveyor
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Chain plate conveyor is on the basis of medium plate feeder design improvements. Chain plate between the drive sprocket and redirection sprocket, around two link chain, chain hook and chain plate, two roller chain plate on both sides of the increase, the weight of the material uniform pressure on the two rollers, drive would transmit the power to the chain, drive chain and chain plate operation, to achieve the purpose of conveying material, compared to BLQ light chain scraper conveyor is more suitable for long distance transportation.

Chain plate is the best transportation equipment, high temperature materials can also be used for transporting materials in shape of other powder, granular and lump, has been widely used in building material, metallurgy, mining and other industries of material transfer.
二、 the heavy chain machine features:

Plate chain, the reasonable structure design, the use of good performance, little resistance during operation, less vulnerable parts, safe operation, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, long service life. Chain plate can be horizontal or Angle of < 30 ° installation, tilt when installation, equipped with ratchet non-return institutions.

On the roller conveyor chain plate rolling on the guide rail, conveyor chain and chassis no friction; Made of chain using alloy steel heat treatment process and the normal service life is 2 years, in the operation of the low failure rate. Besides end bearing, no lubrication point in the conveyor.
三、heavy plate chain, the main structure:

Chain plate by the head frame, head cover, the drive sprocket group, transporting device, middle frame, end frame, direction changing chain, chain plate supporting wheel and driving devices.

Drive driven by column pin coupling, JZQ reducer, base composition. Points in both right and left, look from the tail to the conveying direction, drive on the right side to the right, on the left side to the left.

Sprocket adopts modular structure, the cast steel circle of sprocket and chain wheel core bolt connection combination, wear-resisting performance is strong, easy to remove the installation. Drive sprocket using socket eye circle of sprocket, prevent in the operation of the link chain


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