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The structure of the pipe type belt conveyor

Pipe type belt conveyor is to use roller slowly driving belt into the tube, the other parts such as roller, tensioning device, drive is the same as the ordinary belt conveyor structure. The structure principle as shown in figure 1, 4 8

After the transition period of tape into a round tube. In the delivery period of tape together with material and stable operation, after reaching the discharge section, tape with material from the round tube into a trough, and the head roller tape into a flat shape. In an empty paragraph (or return). Some upper pipe conveyor is round tube, the bottom is flat.

Belt conveyor tension device can reference 1-1-1

The 8-4-2 heavy hammer the car type tension device

Formed from thousands of round pipe type belt conveyor material closed transportation, thus reducing the environmental pollution, cover an area of an area is small, and can view any turning and improve the material handling. Therefore, it has outstanding advantages. Has been producing this product in our country, there are more than 20 countries abroad. Therefore, it is a very promising a new type of transportation equipment. The following will introduce the structure of the parts.

1. The structure of the tape

Rubber belt of round pipe type belt conveyor is mainly has two kinds: the godson tape and steel cable core adhesive tape. Under the condition of the temperature is not too low, can consider to use plastic tape.

No matter which kind of, it's different and the structure of the ordinary rubber belt. In order to easily into tubular, requires thin tape on both sides, to reduce the edge bending rigidity, and easy to take a hit.

China has this kind of special adhesive tape production, is currently is widely applied, the godson tape.

Bandwidth has become a series of 400 ~ 3100 mm, tube diameter from 100 ~ 850 mm, a total of 11 kinds of specifications. The tape speed v = 1 ~ 5 m/so in tube material filling coefficient is 75%.

2. Roller arrangement type

Pipe type belt conveyor in conveying roller spacing is to determine as pipe diameter, pipe diameter of large roller spacing is large.

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