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Ring type grinding machine is combined with the characteristics of traditional Raymond mill, ball mill in one innovative mechanical crushing equipment. Mainly by the concave type grinding rails, convex wheel, etc, using the ring work locus Raymond mill and ball mill "point to point" the contact stress of advantages, finer than Raymond mill grinding, than ball mill work more efficient. Crushing medium made by the original high hard alloy element, avoid friction of Raymond mill, effectively reduce the maintenance cost and improve the purity of the final product.

Ring mill is mainly used in the coarse whiting, light calcium and other non-metallic mineral ultrafine processing, also used in chemical raw materials, such as aluminum hydroxide, magnesium, etc; Compared with our grading type impact mill, the grinding fineness finer: keep the white degree of purity of up to 3000 mesh; And impact mill under the condition of same fineness, its fine powder content, higher specific surface area is bigger. It can apply to material hardness is larger, can be applied to the hardness around 5 superfine grinding of materials.

Another unique advantage is the ring mill in the flake material machining, can maintain or even increase the chip rate of materials, such as ultra-thin ultrafine mica need, has good splittings more fruit.

The machine with a full set of equipment by the ring type grinding machine, high precision vertical turbine classifier, cyclone collectors, bag type polymer electronic pulse soot dust collector and the corresponding motor, electric control equipment.

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