Alumina processing production line
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Characteristics of the equipment

Mixer design concept derived from the newest technology in Germany, is the international standard of ultrafine non-metallic mineral processing production line.

The selection of the ball mill, according to the nature of the material, product size and require the use of non-standard design, production to meet customer for the final product of international standards, and in terms of safety and environmental requirements.

Ultrafine classifier selection, according to the requirements of the final product different size to choose a different way of classification models, each model has a wide product particle size range, can meet the different needs of downstream users.

A production scale in pieces can be tons per year from 10000 to 100000 tons/year, can also be multiple product size at the same time, through the optimization of classifier combination, ensure the products with the lowest energy consumption, particle size distribution is the best.

Pieces we through the vibration of the part and the soft connection, minimize noise level, by using the fine filtration material, ensure the dust emissions meet the national environmental standards.

Pieces we provide turnkey solutions, from the mining of the mineral to the final product packaging, other aspects such as the choice of site, plant construction, the analysis of the downstream market, we also will give you good advice, let you get value of service and return.

The practical application

Calcium carbonate, quartz, barite, feldspar, gypsum, kaolin, alumina, slag, magnesium oxide, superfine cement, zircon sand, etc


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