Dry mortar production line
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Dry mortar production line mainly consists of elevator, premixed warehouse, small bunker, mixer, finished product warehouse, packing machine, dust collector, electric control cabinet, gas phase equilibrium system. Cement large proportion of the material can be introduced into premixed warehouse by artificial measurement after hoist, fiber, powder and other small proportion precious masterbatch can through the electronic scale metering into admixture hopper, mortar finished product after mixing machine mixing, through the valve bag packaging machine or open bag packing machine for automatic weighing packaging. According to the need to use the belt conveyor to carry mortar finished product to the finished product accumulation zone. The production is now has a moderate investment, short construction period, investment, quick effect, etc.

From the point of the domestic market, dry mortar equipment manufacturers a lot. These manufacturers both in the price, quality and after-sales and in sales and technology are different. Dry mortar equipment users, although has a very wide range of options, but in the choice or even more cautious and careful, can't just rely on a single phenomenon is to buy a device. So how can the right choice at the money and dry mortar equipment? Below my company with more than 10 years of dry mortar equipment production and sales experience, explain how can the right choice for everyone at a money and dry mortar equipment or value.

First in the dry mortar equipment selection is to rely on the local market demand and broad sales channels to decide, choose the size of dry mortar equipment.

Dry mortar equipment in domestic is generally divided into: 1. The single machine series; 2. Simple type dry mortar production line; 3. Large fully automatic or semi-automatic this three types of dry mortar production line.

1. The single machine series equipment: general divided into vertical and horizontal two, but the vertical has become the past, walk in the forefront of market at present is to horizontal screw belt type mixing equipment. Its mainly by: incoming ascending spiral machine and horizontal screw conveyor mix host and electric cabinet. The equipment of the daily output is very low, only suitable for self-employed zigong produced.

2. Simple type dry mortar production line: the simple dry mortar production line in our company, also called B type production line, the entire production line equipment is on the basis of single added a screw conveyor, a circle and a finished product storehouse automatic packaging machine equipment. If a user needs can also configure a little power pulse dust collector equipment. A complete set of production line equipment, less investment, yield moderate, work run smooth and easy installation, repair rate is extremely low, suitable for some small and medium-sized enterprises to produce dry mortar products.

3. Large fully automatic or semi-automatic dry mortar production line: the set of production line generally adopts the tower structure layout, so collectively known as tower dry mortar equipment in China. The device can be configured according to user's demand, so the equipment but can small. Generally includes: raw material storage tanks, automatic batching system, automatic control systems and feed hopper machine, biaxial weightless for mixer (twin screw with single shaft mixer), finished product warehouse, valve pocket automatic metering packaging machine, electric control cabinet, work platform. In top master blender can also add to warehouse to improve the mixing machine work efficiency, suitable for mass production enterprises.

Second must be conducted to the production enterprise field forensics, see the quality of its production factory equipment degree of mature technology and production equipment.

Then for all production equipment manufacturer's after-sales service and successful cases in check, make sure it has the first-class after-sales service and the most successful cases.

According to the above three points, believe your choice in the dry mortar equipment ability will surely improve.

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