Vertical dryer
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Vertical dryer is mainly used for ball after molding, drying, higher technical problem is to solve production low energy, absorb the advanced technology and combining with our company for many years the dryer design and manufacture of advanced concepts and the market demand, after years of designing large vertical addition can improve the coal drying oven is not based on the traditional drying oven renovation. But under the condition of nowhere, in view of the present economic crisis, in the face of nowadays is common type coal drying oven investment big, covering an area of high failure rate of the cases, in addition to coal drying characteristics, using the principle of low temperature air volume and gravity, the research and development design, industrialized experiments put into operation, the upgrading of products and upgrading, large scale and so on several stages, years and the success of the product. In products, fully embodies the suitable innovation, the development efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality. Safety production and protecting the environment is ideal equipment for the dry type coal production line.

Forming of the "water polo" by belt conveyor to the top, the cloth device is uniformly distributed in the top section. Type coal in its orbit by gravity slow down while heat exchange with the strong wind. Type coal evaporation of water and by the strong winds away randomly. After two hours of evaporation process achieve type coal fully dry. Economic characteristics: compared with the current general flowback drying furnace, investment to reduce 1/2; Area is its third - 1/5; Energy consumption and operation cost greatly reduced. Using features: this product craft to match well, easy connection with other equipment in production line and automation. Equipment is easy to operate, simple maintenance. Drying oven body has no mechanical moving parts, daily maintenance. Continuous operation, high efficiency, large output. For the use of a large chemical fertilizer plant, dry coal rods, has obtained the good effect: coal rods into the gasification furnace, water drop to around 3%, gas production rate increased significantly; A large number of saves the manpower, reduces the labor intensity; Save space, expanding the production.

Technical parameters:

型号规格 初水分 终水分 标准煤耗(kg/t) 产量(t/h) 电 耗(kw/t) 重量(t)
LH-2012 25% 2% 6~7.8 8~10 2~3 17
LH-2014 25% 2% 7~8.6 9~12 1.8~2.6 19
LH-2016 25% 2% 8~11 10~14 1.6~2.2 21
LH-2216 25% 2% 9~12 12~15 1.5~2.1 26
LH-2218 25% 2% 10~13 14~16 1.5~2.0 28
LH-2220 25% 2% 11~13.8 15~17 1.4~1.8 30
LH-2222 25% 2% 13~15 16~19 1.4~1.6 32
LH-2516 25% 2% 17~22 18~26 1.4~1.6 38
LH-3018 25% 2% 22~27 23~32 1.4~1.8 45

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