Reciprocating feeder
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    Reciprocating feeder is suitable for the mining, cement and coal preparation plant, the material by bin evenly loaded into the conveyor or other filter, the storage device. This machine structure is made up of frame, floor (feeding trough) transmission platform, funnel gate, rollers, etc. Transmission principle: when the motor start, even by the elastic coupling, gear reducer, a crank hin institutions drag sloping floor in rolls on a straight line reciprocating movement, the coal evenly discharged to the transport machinery, or other screening equipment. The machine is equipped with a funnel, with regulating valve and without a funnel, with no regulating valve in two forms.
  Reciprocating feeder key features:
1. Reliable operation, long service life.
2. Light weight, small volume, convenient maintenance.
3. Simple structure, reliable operation, adjustment convenient installation.
4. Enclosed frame structure, greatly improving the stiffness of the frame.
5. With limited torque type hydraulic coupling, to full load and overload protection.
6. The largest quantificationally can reach 1200 tons/hour (coal), is currently the largest reciprocating feeder.
7. Adopting the advanced planar quadratic enveloping torus mule rod speed reducer design, large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency.
8. Between the side plate, inclined plate and the bottom seam is adjustable, can more accurately control the size of seam, greatly reducing the leakage of material.
9. Drive symmetrical layout, and adopts double push rod, so the love force is balanced, stable transmission, eliminate the torsional pendulum phenomenon when the floor to and fro.
10 floor has made to the reinforcing plate, and three long roller bearing, ensure the floor stiffness, eliminates the existing reciprocating feeder plate bending deformation in the work.
11. Lining board by the small piece of steel plate together, not only change when the light is easy, and may, according to the actual wear and tear, targeted to replace worn lining plate, making rational utilization of materials, reduce the maintenance cost.

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