Vibration bag filter
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    Vibration bag filter refers to the vibration frequency is lower than 60 times/min cockiness chamber structure of bag filter. Vibration tasikmalaya flat bag filter belong to this kind of bag filter. Adopting vibration ash removal device, the filter with soot cleaning effect is good, wide adaptability, low power consumption, simple structure, convenient maintenance, the advantages of low installation height, processing, big air volume, is widely used in food, feed processing, ceramic, refractory, cement, casting, building materials, chemical industry, glass and other industries.
The structure and working principle
(1) structure. Vibration tasikmalaya flat bag filter structure
1 - porous plate; 2 - fasteners; 3 - clamp; 4 - framework; 5 - filter bag; 6 - net gas chamber; 7 - u-shaped pressure gauge; 8 - outlet; 9 - rings; 10 - suspension device; 11 - access door; 12 - qing fly agencies; 13 - filter chamber; 14 - collection of ash hopper; 15 - air inlet; 16 - ash discharge valve
(2) working principle. Dust gas through the filter bag dust to stop outside the filter bag surface, the net gas through the outlet. When the resistance increases to a certain range, start the removal by vibration mechanism, make all levels of vibration of the filter element of the soot formation is shake down, filter bag filtering capacity recovery


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