Horizontal rotary dryer is the most common and widely used in mining equipment of a drying equipment. Suitable for dry magnetic, heavy metal and non-metallic mineral, concentrate and clay cement industry and coal industry of coal slurry, etc. It is c
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Vertical dryer is mainly used for ball after molding, drying, higher technical problem is to solve production low energy, absorb the advanced technology and combining with our company for many years the dryer design and manufacture of advanced concep
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1, energy-saving dryer investment is 20% of the foreign products, made of wear resistant manganese plate than ordinary steel wear-resisting 3-4 times.2, material initial moisture content 15%, final moisture to ensure below 0.5 1%, is the cement slag
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一、heat conduction oil dryers in detail:Heat conduction oil dryer is still a drum dryer model that is used by the host in other rotary drum dryer is the biggest difference caused by different heat source technology. Heat conduction oil dryer (dryi
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Rotary air-cooled cooling machine mainly due to the preheater outlet exhaust gas loss, heat loss and cooling machine afterwinds heat loss due to three main reasons. To reduce the heat consumption of the system approach has many aspects, mainly from t
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Water-cooled cooling machine for use in all walks of life more extensive, so the name is more numerous. The nature of the principle is a multifunctional machine, remove the liquid vapor by compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle. Vapour co
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Boiling cooling bed is my factory according to the principle of mechanics and transmission study, combined with relevant materials at home and abroad and many years of experience in actual use, specially for lost foam casting sand treatment equipment
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The principle of cooling machine is the use of external low displacement internal high temperature, the grain temperature out of the cooling machine, as a general rule, be 40 ~ 60 ℃, by cooling machine cooling process, the material can be removed a
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Lime petrochemical planes is quick lime (calcium oxide) digestion into lime milk or special equipment of hydrated lime powder. Mainly used in steel, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, power plant desulfurization, aluminum oxide, titanium dio
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Quick lime slaker also called quicklime digestion, aircraft, lime and machine, etc. This machine is mainly composed of outer cylinder, inner barrel, supporting device and transmission device, the tail has in dregs device. This machine is the quick li
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