Screw conveyor in the conveying form into a shaft screw conveyor and shaftless screw conveyor, on the exterior is divided into U tube and screw conveyor and screw conveyor. A shaft screw conveyor is suitable for the non-adhesive powder material and
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 This equipment new uniform conveying loose, with sticky, easy to coil material, conveying material temperature up to 100 degrees, the maximum Angle is less than 45 degrees. Widely used in building material, chemical industry, environmental prot
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Tubular screw conveyor is widely used in various industrial sectors, such as building materials, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, aluminum, magnesium, machinery, light industry, food and food industry. Suitable for horizontal or
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Mobile screw conveyor, conveyor is also called the ground dragon, is one of the conveyor. Widely used in feed, chemical industry, food processing, and food processing, food grain storage, various additives, construction and other industries of loose
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FU chain conveyor type characteristics1Bue, allowed to transport a large number of materials in small capacity space, transport capacity of 15-500 m3 / h.2 long service life, the alloy steel by the advanced heat treatment processing of conveyor chain
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Is the most ideal and efficient coal mine belt conveyor continuous transportation equipment, compared with other transportation equipment (such as locomotive class), the characteristics of long transmission distance, large capacity, and the advantage
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The working principle of scraper conveyor:Scraper conveyor will open chute, as coal, coal gangue or material such as bear, fix the scraper chain scraper chain) (composition, as traction artifacts. When the nose drive after start-up, drive sprocket on
date:2015-10-02 view:1104
Chain plate conveyor is on the basis of medium plate feeder design improvements. Chain plate between the drive sprocket and redirection sprocket, around two link chain, chain hook and chain plate, two roller chain plate on both sides of the increase
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   Scales plate conveyor is a kind of structure form of plate conveyor, is mechanical, metallurgical enterprises, one of the important transportation equipment of garbage disposal, it with metal plates and iron as a bad body, so can ship re
date:2015-10-02 view:545
The structure of the pipe type belt conveyorPipe type belt conveyor is to use roller slowly driving belt into the tube, the other parts such as roller, tensioning device, drive is the same as the ordinary belt conveyor structure. The structure princi
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