D type bucket elevator codes for D, namely belt bucket elevator; Product specifications to dou wide said. Compared with the chain ring chain bucket elevator, bue to the ascension machine has specifications more high hoisting height, stable and rel
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NE type bucket elevator is the most widely used a vertical lifting equipment, this machine is suitable for medium and large and have cut grinding materials such as limestone, cement clinker, gypsum and coal) of vertical transportation, the material
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一, NSE bucket elevator product introductionNSE series bucket elevator is my company in 97 to develop a new type of vertical lifting equipment. It is suitable for ascension powdery and granular materials, such as: cement, pulverized coal, the fine o
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   TD bucket elevator by lifting machine, chain wheel, belt, scoop, screw, in and out of the mouth, body, motor reducer, etc, has big throughput, high hoisting height, stable operation and reliable, long life advantages, TD bucket elevator main per
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TD, D, TH, NE, NES, HL elevator for vertical bucket elevator, is my factory design new products, the main parameters of the equivalent or reference to the gb standards and advanced foreign standards. Suitable for conveying material powder, granular.
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