Boiler dust catcher adopts domestic advanced composite material of glass fiber reinforced plastic resin, corrosion resistant, wear-resisting degree is high, service life is long, multifunctional integration, cover an area of an area small, easy inst
date:2016-04-24 view:427
Vertical boiler desulfurization dust catcher on the principle of inertia collision, cohesion and centrifugal force, under the dynamic function of induced draft fan, the flue gas from a certain height, high speed impact liquid surface, the formation
date:2016-04-24 view:432
Boiler desulfurization dust catcher with desulfurization dust removal integration, compact structure, equipment cover an area of an area small, investment cost is low; System simple operation, stable running, convenient maintenance; Corrosion resist
date:2016-04-24 view:437
Simple water filter dust gas introduced by cylinder bottom along the tangential, rotating, dust is separated by centrifugal force effect, and into the cylinder by cylinder body wall flow water film layer adsorption, along with the water flow to the
date:2016-04-24 view:465
BLS - 8 l tower of the main equipment in wet kiln dust catcher by the dust removal and ash water separator and auxiliary equipment and other components of the water pump, fan, electric control console, extended by pipeline connection form an edge du
date:2016-04-24 view:413
WC type low voltage venturi dust catcher can be widely used in requiring high dust removal efficiency, also can be used as a harmful gas washing purification.WC type low voltage venturi dust collector structure and principle: Scripture venturi tube
date:2016-04-24 view:423
CTT type front shock turbulent ball desulfurization dusting the purifier according to the gas purifier sieve plate, the floating body, impulse cyclone, foam, such as multiple principle, take its superior characteristics, desulfurization efficiency
date:2016-04-24 view:438
XST type cyclone water bath dust remover, according to several problems existing in the wet desulphurization dust collector in the use of, our factory leadership and technical department after repeated investigation, studying and absorbing the advan
date:2016-04-24 view:432
CCJ/A impulse type dust collector is the use of the role of water or other liquid and dust gas dust removal equipment, dust particles and spraying droplets of water, water film or wet arm when they met, devices, such as wetting, condensation, spread
date:2016-04-24 view:448
Features:1, simple structure, small metal consumption, water consumption is small.2, high sulfur removal efficiency: flue gas using tangential to enter, and to run under the running water film, increased contact with the aqueous solution of flue gas,
date:2015-10-02 view:462

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