Woodworking cyclone for contains the mixed broken material such as wood dust airflow, the separation efficiency can reach 99.5%, small resistance, has the advantages of novel structure, small dimension, dealing with large air volume, light weight, h
date:2016-04-24 view:347
HX - 1410 cyclone can be combined by single tube and a number of single cylinder, cone with reflection at the bottom of the screen, to prevent the secondary dust. HX - 1410 cyclone dust collector with a material sealing device, the dust removal effi
date:2016-04-24 view:359
XLD type cyclone inert dust collector with small resistance, high efficiency, large processing volume, less metal consumption, simple structure, convenient maintenance, cover an area of an area small, less investment, low energy cost, simple and fea
date:2016-04-24 view:452
XZZ type cyclone by the national unification test evaluation, its technical performance in a leading position, hand flexor a refers to dust removal efficiency, has been the construction of environmental protection and mechanical industry recommended
date:2016-04-24 view:415
XNX type cyclone horn curved body with inclined bottom type dust collector, dust concentration of entrance should be lower than 50 g/m3, the inlet velocity is not less than 18 meters/seconds, dust particles less than 1 mm, suitable for general indus
date:2016-04-24 view:694
XD - Ⅱ multi-tube cyclone dust extractor is a highly efficient filter, dust removal efficiency can reach more than 95%, dust collector body resistance less than 900 pa, using existing can ensure the normal operation of boiler induced draft fan for
date:2016-04-24 view:346
XZD/G type cyclone is advanced experience of the domestic production of a new type of dust removal equipment, it is suitable for 0.5 4 tons/with the layer of industrial boiler and heating boiler flue gas purification, by the user's actual runni
date:2016-04-24 view:360
Clk-proliferation cyclone in the cyclone was made using iron or ceramic, thickness greater than 6 mm, so have good wear resistance. It is an industrial boiler flue gas dust removal and other dust control of the ideal equipment. Clk-proliferation c
date:2016-04-24 view:372
XLP - A/B type cyclone description: XLP is dry type high efficiency cyclone with bypass. XLP is according to the position before and after the fan can be divided into different type (suction) X and Y (into) the X is to increase the export of spiral
date:2016-04-24 view:337
Cli/type A cyclone dust collector is A kind of modified XLT type cyclone. Its structure features a cut slopes downward spiral linear gas imports, roof for spiral guide plate. The smaller the Angle of the guide plate, the greater the pressure loss, b
date:2016-04-24 view:362

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