DMC pulse type single filter specifications temporarily had six specifications, and each specification can be divided into standard with ash bucket type A and open flange (no ash hopper) are two kinds of type B. Its structure is mainly composed of f
date:2016-04-24 view:456
XMC pulse bag filter is my company in the international MC - type II and Japan FBF bag filter on the basis of the improvement of new efficient pulse dust collector, a combination of chamber blow, the advantages of different pulse injection filter ov
date:2016-04-24 view:440
HMC type single pulse dust collector is my company after digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and improved design of small bag filter. The equipment principle is: the dust gas from the air inlet into the hopper, or through open flange
date:2016-04-24 view:436
HD single filter with its prominent advantages of small volume, high efficiency of dust collection won the unanimous praise of users, especially at the top of the cement plant library, library, belt conveyor and local source of dust removal effect i
date:2016-04-24 view:421
PL type single filter is successfully developed according to abroad to absorb the introduction of dust removal equipment of fresh products, is a kind of small volume, high efficiency of dust collection in dust removal unit. PL type single filter at
date:2016-04-24 view:446
An overview, UF type single bag dust collector compared with domestic other single bag dust collector, economical and practical, simple and compact structure, easy installation, maintenance is convenient (filter), is mainly used for all kinds of top,
date:2016-04-24 view:468
一、single bag filter is the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology by improving the design of small bag filter. The filter adopts the high pressure (0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa) big flow pulse valve detailed filter bag blowing ash removal techn
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