GXCD type electrostatic precipitator is one of my company electrostatic precipitator product series flagship product. My company product unique skills, combined with our company technical personnel continuous efforts to delve into learning, for our
date:2016-04-24 view:568
BS - 780/930 series of lurgi type electrostatic precipitator is Germany lurgi company in the ninety s, finalize the design of new products, is based on electrical dust collecting BS780 lurgi company, according to the requirements of environmental pr
date:2016-04-24 view:1162
GD pipe pole electrostatic precipitator is by the national machinery committee of xi 'an heavy machinery research institute, the successful development of the use of special tubular three electrode structure, broader adaptability to arrest set
date:2016-04-24 view:503
JH, DJ, collective high-voltage electrostatic precipitator dust gas inlet into the equipment from the top equipment, at high speed through the cyclone separator, dust gas along the axis adjustment screw rotation down, use of centrifugal force, get r
date:2016-04-24 view:473
KWD/RD wide spacing of electrostatic precipitator is the use of high voltage direct current (dc), the dust particles of dust gas charged, under the action of electric field force, settlement of deposit on the pole on the surface, under the effect of
date:2016-04-24 view:613
CJMA, CJMB type high-voltage electrostatic precipitator performance better than the domestic similar product performance, in domestic has been popularized for many years, but there are also produced in paroxysmal secondary dust shaking, high voltag
date:2016-04-24 view:522
CDPK type electrostatic precipitator wide spacing is currently one of the world's most advanced efficient filter. The so-called "wide gap" is the electric dust collector plate spacing greater than 300 mm, specific refers to more than 400 mm pla
date:2016-04-24 view:483
   XSC spiral umbrella type high voltage electrostatic precipitator is my company on the basis of general electrostatic precipitator improvement, innovation, efficient dust removal equipment, the electrostatic precipitator dust removal efficiency,
date:2016-04-24 view:497
CJHA, high voltage electrostatic precipitator for CJHB type dryer is the principle of high voltage electrostatic dust gas purification, the equipment, is designed for cement rotary dryer is the efficient dust removal equipment of form a complete set
date:2016-04-24 view:553
SZD - 1600/1370 combination of electrostatic precipitator is a kind of applied more extensive dust removal equipment, it is also called the dust collector. Dust collector bag type dust collector, general pulse bag type dust collector and a variety o
date:2016-04-24 view:491

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