D type bucket elevator codes for D, namely belt bucket elevator; Product specifications to dou wide said. Compared with the chain ring chain bucket elevator, bue to the ascension machine has specifications more high hoisting height, stable and rel
date:2016-04-24 view:521
NE type bucket elevator is the most widely used a vertical lifting equipment, this machine is suitable for medium and large and have cut grinding materials such as limestone, cement clinker, gypsum and coal) of vertical transportation, the material
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一, NSE bucket elevator product introductionNSE series bucket elevator is my company in 97 to develop a new type of vertical lifting equipment. It is suitable for ascension powdery and granular materials, such as: cement, pulverized coal, the fine o
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   TD bucket elevator by lifting machine, chain wheel, belt, scoop, screw, in and out of the mouth, body, motor reducer, etc, has big throughput, high hoisting height, stable operation and reliable, long life advantages, TD bucket elevator main per
date:2016-04-24 view:492
TD, D, TH, NE, NES, HL elevator for vertical bucket elevator, is my factory design new products, the main parameters of the equivalent or reference to the gb standards and advanced foreign standards. Suitable for conveying material powder, granular.
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Reciprocating feeder is suitable for the mining, cement and coal preparation plant, the material by bin evenly loaded into the conveyor or other filter, the storage device. This machine structure is made up of frame, floor (feeding trough) transmis
date:2015-10-03 view:803
Belt feeder is fixed on the machine through the funnel stand hanging bin mouth, installation cabinet underneath, and install the enclosure feeding device. Feeding device consists of drive roller, buffer roller, redirection roller, a belt, adhesive
date:2015-10-03 view:520
Vibration feeding machine has smooth vibration, reliable operation, long service life, vibration feeding machine for crushing machinery continuous and uniform feeding, and the material sieving, vibrating feeder is widely used in mineral processing,
date:2015-10-03 view:516
Groove feeder can be set up on the floor, can also be lifting on the ore bin unloading port. Tank bottom for reciprocating motion, the speed of 20 to 60 times/min, stroke is 20-200 - mm. Adjust stroke can be made of driving gear eccentric, eccentri
date:2015-10-03 view:560
Feeder motor, planetary gear reducer, from the discharger or needle wheel cycloid speed reducer and turning dragon tripper of three parts. A total of two series, 60 kinds of specifications. Import and export square is A type of flange, round for typ
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