LMW - N indoor pulsing microtremor filter is the introduction of the new foreign equipment, new technology, through digestion and improvement of a new type of high efficient pulse bag filter. With high purification efficiency, filter bag, wear smal
date:2016-04-24 view:752
LHF rotary type series blowback bag dust collector widely solicit opinions over the user investigation, condensed the advantages to develop different kinds of bag filter, cyclone dust removal mechanism and filter type dust removal mechanism of organ
date:2016-04-24 view:470
LCM - D/G series combines offline long bag pulse filter is the long bag of the best international off-line pulse dust removal technology and the launch of the user of an internationally advanced level offline long bag pulse filter technology products
date:2016-04-24 view:442
LMN - type Ⅱ bag filter made with other bag dust collector soot cleaning way different pulse inverse blow air soot cleaning method less blow air vibration of the air flow to achieve the purpose of ash removal, easy to use, has a wide application ra
date:2016-04-24 view:431
DFC, GFC, TFC reverse blowing bag type dust collector is counter blowing dust chamber cycle. Into the wind, efficient filter type dust collector. Apply to metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electric power, food processing, machinery
date:2016-04-24 view:457
FMQD - Ⅲ (PPC, PPW) type air box pulse bag filter is advanced level to the high efficiency dust collector in the ninety s. An integrated chamber blow and injection pulse soot cleaning all kinds of bag filter, the advantages of overcoming the chamb
date:2016-04-24 view:565
LFVB series microtremor flat bag filter overcomes the chamber blow soot cleaning strength is low, soot and dust filter pulse injection disadvantages at the same time, to prevent the dust attached again and out of control, which can improve the filte
date:2016-04-24 view:417
ZC - Ⅱ/Ⅲ mechanical rotary blowback flat bag filter in detail一, ZC - Ⅱ/Ⅲ mechanism of mechanical rotary back flat bag filter structure:1, on the top of clean room, check the filter should be shut down, cut off power supply, pay attention to
date:2016-04-24 view:433
DDF large bag counter blowing dust points to positive pressure type (also called pressure type) and negative pressure type (also called inhaled), the instruction by the negative pressure is introduced. Dust under the effect of negative pressure, the
date:2016-04-24 view:454
GA series of atmospheric dust bag filter: the characteristics of ash removal system USES a high frequency vibration and reverse blowing, reverse blowing by a specially designed motor driving the 3-way valve (pos. No. To do this, the action of electr
date:2016-04-24 view:434

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